Hey there,

I'm Nel, I like to code websites and build cool stuff. UVM '17 and 17th best Super Smash Bros: Melee player in Vermont.

My Resume


Car Salesman Websites

Carsalesmanwebsites.com was used to highlight all the different themes I hand-coded for HigherTurnover LLC.

Tech Stack

  • PHP
  • Front End (HTML, Jade)
  • WebFlow
  • SCSS

Portfolio Website

The current site you're on. Welcome!

Tech Stack

  • React JS
  • Next JS
  • CSS


I've worked with a multitude of different technologies across my career.

  • AWS

    I work with AWS for certain clients.
  • Linode

    I work with Linode for some other clients.
  • Python

    Scripts make the world go round.
  • Scripting

    VIM life.
  • PHP

    It works, and I use a lot of WordPress, don't judge.
  • Git

    Git good.

My Journey

Events in Javascipt, events in my life.

Personal Achievements


Client Websites Managed


Content management systems mastered


F*cks Given


Times React was re-learned

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